PC Hotfix - 8/29/2018

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Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:25 pm

The Aerial Anomaly event has been reactivated, and should no longer produce multiple anomalies at a time.
Esamir's Gaining Ground event UI no longer shows each base and name, and now falls in line with other Gaining Ground event.

Reworked the way sitrep's sentences are structured, examples below.
Capturing The Crown from Terran Republic in 1:35.
Resecuring The Crown in 2:05.
When attacking a base, sitrep now indicates which faction you're trying to take the base from.
/sitrep can now be used even when capture timers are idle, and will notify players "attempting to capture" or "attempting to defend" message.

We've disabled the "Outfit Hosting" feature for the time being due to complications with dropping squads from platoons.
Squad leaders can now "lock" fireteams to prevent players from auto-filtering into them. Click on the fireteam suit icon to lock or unlock it.
Mentor squads flagged as private will no longer allow players to bypass the private flag.

L100 Python HESH (Lightning)
Direct damage increased from 575 to 600, as was intended in the last update.

Solid Wall now has an icon
Solid Wall can now be repaired
Fixed a bug where Solid Wall could be equipped as a tool for TR Engineer.

Ransack's rank 5 bonus now provides 10% of max health, instead of 10% of current health on kill.
Symbiote's resistance bonus no longer stacks with Resist Shield.

The loadout screen's filters should no longer get stuck in a state where players would not be able to see items they own (or don't own.)
Speculative fix for outfit applications crashing the client when viewed.

Known Issues
A.S.P. vehicle discounts can break at the end of an event. Relogging should fix this issue temporarily.
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Wed Aug 29, 2018 5:04 pm

"Speculative fix for outfit applications crashing the client when viewed."
I'll take that. Please actually work this time though.

Also nice to see Aerial Anomalies back
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