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Plug.DJ - Listening to everbodys music together

Posted: Fri Apr 06, 2018 4:43 pm
by lightpsycho
Hey there folks,

Plug.DJ is a well known plattform for sharing your music you listen to through youtube or soundcloud to let everybody listen to it at the same time.
Plug.DJ is running in your webbrowser or on your mobile as app since a while.
You can join to only listen as guest or create an account and make your own lists (you can also import your youtube lists if you have them set-up)
With that we could use the very wide field of music and come together, sit together in teamspeak, listen to all the different music people are listening to as Emerald Immersion, as our Community we are and talk about whatever is in our mind or the music, also we could play next to it.

There are 3rd party applications available to make your plug.DJ a bit more interresting but I will open another topic for that.
Emerald Immersion has his own plug.DJ community room but there are a lot more around, if you search for some other music and nobody should be online.