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Thu Jun 06, 2019 5:55 pm

Hello dear all!

This is the official announcement post for our art competition EDIM Call to Art!
What's this about? It's a small competition/event for our community, where you can submit artwork created by you.
Why you should enter? First, because we believe that you can make some amazing art and we want to see that. But also because you can win some Daybreak Cash for yourself, as a little extra incentive in case your weren't convinced.

Now, onto the rules. Pretty straight forward, still good to have them written down:

1. Only Members with the Immersed rank (or above) are eligible to join for winning the Daybreak Cash!
2. Artwork you submit must be original content created by yourself!
3. Your artwork should preferably be safe for work. If it isn't, please make it classy though!
4. Submission deadline will be the Sunday, 30.06.2019 (Somewhen in the afternoon probably)

What we 'define' as artwork? It should be Planetside related (duh, that's the game we mainly play). Other than that, there aren't really any restrictions, we are ready to get surprised by your creativity and imagination!
If you need some ideas: Artwork can range from videos, montages, songs to digital pictures, paintings, high quality memes and even short stories, poems, fanfictions (i guess...) and obviously more.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the officers!

Where does one submit his artwork? You can do that right HERE via the Google Form. As written there, we'd prefer a link based submission (aka you upload your stuff to some hosting website like imgur, youtube and put in the link), if that doesn't work for you just contact us.

Have fun getting creative, we can't wait to enjoy some amazing submissions!
Best of luck, Pronixx

PS.: Sorry for using Google Forms, i absolutely despise their data hoarding/gathering, but i wasn't able to selfhost any other variants. Maybe next time.
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