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Hey there folks,

as it was a long time ago it feels like (I think it was June or July 2014) when I wrote my first and last introduction which was in the old Emerald Immersion Forums I got a bit lazy... but let's see how far I can go here.

I am lightpsycho, ingame today known as lightpsychoVS.
I was joining Emerald Immersion in Summer 2014 a couple of days after I joined the Planetside world and Planetside 2 for the first time. I was working hard ingame at this time due to a year of being full beside everything in my reallife. I just needed a break from a lot of stuff there and found me in Emerald Immersion in a very nice and funny group of people I liked to play with.
I started to bring my first squads up and a couple of weeks after I was leading squads and platoons everyday.
I got ranked high in a very short time and was online everyday I was at home for at least 6-18 hours and ingame from 4-12 hours.

A lot happened in the past and I was leaving Emerald Immersion, looking for all the other outfits and tried to be here and there around, since everybody on the continent knew me and asked if I want to join their outfit. I played with almost every outfit in that time but didn't find anything I was feeling like I would really fit to.
Because of they were my first ever contact in Planetside 2 I got with my old main character lightpsycho to VCBC and there I left the game after around one week. That character is still in VCBC to remind me always on what happened and that I will not let that come over me and others again!
I don't want to get too much into detail. Everybody who is interested in it can always ask. I am not feared to answer and to tell you my part of the story. Pronix can confirm or decline some of that stuff which leads to have the 2 sides look and to see it is not only my oppinion on the past.

Pronix and me came back together in 2016 and were planning in creating another outfit. Sadly we had no time to manage that and were playing together some other games. After a while and because I saw a sign of MrKoronas he and me had the same thought about asking him, if we can come back to Emerald Immersion, bringing it back to the glory and to show the Vanu Sovereignty, how good the playing in Miller VS can be. This was, when we both were encouraged to go the next step.
We sucked a while, due to everybody coming back to ground with a lot stuff happening in everybodys reallife but we all agreed on: "Reallife comes first" - since we are all not as young as we were earlier...

Something to me myself:
I am almost 28 years old now and finished in 2011 my apprenticeship in event engineering. I wanted to become student of classical singing which I did since I was 3 years old in one of the germans most and worldwide known choirs but sadly my health came across and in the musical side of art you are done when you didn't have a well known name before.
Today I am working next, behind and in front of the stage but sadly not on it as well.
Momentary I am in job-hunt because I can't stand being a selfemployee anymore. The health isn't getting better and I worked more in the last 28 years of my life than others will ever to in their awaiting lifetimeof around 70-80 years (I was workaholic as pupil already).
This is also the reason I come often late or am not in mood or able to lead a squad or platoon.

About me ingame:
Currently BR 114
No ASP used yet

Preffered Classes:
Class 1 Medic
Class 2 Light Assault
Class 3 Engineer
Class 4 Infiltrator - but mostly only for hacking and spotting.

Vehicle Class 1 Magrider
Vehicle Class 2 Galaxy/Valkyrie
Vehicle Class 3 Sunderer
Vehicle Class 4 Lightning

Specialisation - Eventplanning (Small and Big, including funny moves)/Squadlead/Platoonlead/Leadership Training/Vehicle-Squads

Additional: When I came back in 2017 there was already something in the background going on. The most outfits still remembered me and I got back to every other outfit and called them into a Miller VS Outfit Leaders meeting. This meeting happened and I got together with Pronix the permission to use the name of the old Alliance of the Vanu Sovereignty on the Miller Server.
This alliance is stuck at the same problems momentary: My own time I can spend BUT there is something going on. We are in contact with every other really playing outfit of Miller VS and try to stick together. More information about that will you notice around the next days.

Additional 2nd: What a lot of people surely noticed is my activity in the yell-chat. When you were around in the 2nd half of 2016 and the early 2017 you will understand what I did with my hard triggering I use there. A lot of people don't see it but the few which do so, are also crossfaction in my friendslist and I will plan some events with them together as well. If you have any problems with that you need to let me know that I can explain what I did there and what I and in the end everybody got out of it.

So far for now. I hope I didn't miss something.

First introduction btw :roll: I start to do too much again :lol:
When you see something, say something! ~ lightpsycho
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championchips ~ Michal Jordan
Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. ~ Albert Einstein
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