A Request / Suggestion for Galaxy/Valkyrie Training

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Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:33 pm

Hello everyone , since the outfit focused on doing trainings i would like to share my thoughts about possible training could be very helpfull.I did some leading since i joined outfit 6 or 7 months ago.I have learned a lot since then thanks to given chances and learned experience.Transport aircrafts such as galaxy and valkyrie means a lot for squadplay.Basically most of the things we do , starts with a drop.Some players like me may struggle with usage and tactics of aircrafts.For example i remember how i messed up a galaxy drop to the balcony of techplant first time i was doing it.Also i had some hard time when first time tried to hover around specific landing pad(i guess base was westpass).I still struggle with some tasks.Also there are some stuff to talk about before / after drop.Maybe it is just me since i am bad pilot.I am ready to help creation of documnet or solo do it.I have some ideas about how training could be.Here is the draft i created.
Talking Part
-Importance of transport aircrafts / usage of them in squadplay.
-Certifications / implants could be usefull.
-Basic tactics about piloting.(Finding a safe route -not just flying straight to WP- / choosing an altitude / flying with a group / some methods of flying)
-Where to pull.How to pull it from map screen.Possible bugs and how to solve it.(render distance solution for example)
-How to give signal / make passangers ready.
-Where to drop.How to regroup and position after drop.Also re-grouping in the galaxy.
-How to do the drop effectively.
-Ways of keeping gal safe and alive.

Practicing Part

-Galaxy drop to specific points like balcony , upper landing pad for techplant and some other locations we use.
-Hovering the galaxy on specific point and positioning it with the other friendly gals.
-Doing a drop using the lock menu option.

As i said i am ready discuss and help creating a good document and a training if needed.Thanks for your time.
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