Operation Lasher Part 2 Coming

The "Lasher" a long forgotten special weapon of the vanu sovereignty will be brought back to life on the 1st & 2nd of June @ 8PM CEST | 7PM UK.

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Operation Lasher

The time has come to bring back the lasher from the dead. MrKoronas and the team here at Emerald Immersion will be hosting 2 nights of lasher gameplay. So why don't you spend those certs and pick up your lasher. We are welcoming all players and outfits to take part in the fun, make sure you spread the word!

Get In Touch

PM in-game @MrKoronas
PM in-game @lightpsychoVS
PM in-game @Pronixx
PM in-game @Eckie333
Teamspeak IP: ts.edim.tech